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DBS ID Verification questions

DBS ID Verification queries:

DBSID1.  What ID documents do I need to see to complete the ID verification? 

The identity of DBS Applicants  must be verified by authorized Application Managers/ID Checkers.

In order for their Application to be submitted for processing, applicants must show their Application Manager/ID Checker some original ID documents that meets the list of Acceptable ID.

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DBSID2.  What am I supposed to do in the ID section? 

Your role as Application Manager/ID checker is to validate the applicant's ID.  

You must verify the applicants ID in accordance with the DBS ID Checking Guidelines.

You need to cross-check the applicant's personal details that they have entered on their DBS application form with the ID documents they have provided you to check.

Their details that have been entered on the DBS application form (which you can view by clicking on the Application tab of the form) must match the details on their ID documents, in order for you to complete their ID validation.

Please refer to the DBS Application Manager guidebook for instructions and screen-shots. A web-link indicating where you can download this guidebook was provided to you in your Welcome email when you registered.


DBSID3.  System won’t accept Driving Licence Number? Why?

The driving licence is a 16 digit number starting with the first 5 letters of the applicant's surname.

The driving licence number is coded so it matches the individuals names, genderand DOB.  

The system cross-checks this against the information entered on the application form.  If there is a mis-match the system will not accept it.

Please check the driving licence details against the information entered on the DBS Application form (you can view the details entered on the form by clicking on the “Application” tab”).  

The most common issue is if the applicant has a middle name on their driving licence but they have not entered this on their DBS application form.

If you email us the driving licence number and the applicant’s name wecan check this for you.


DBSID4.  Route 2 External ID Validation check, what is the process?

DBSID5. Route 3b fingerprints - what is the process?

If you are unable to verify the applicant's ID via Route 1, Route 2 or Route 3 of the DBS ID Verification process, you have 2 options:


1.  You withdraw his/her online application and they complete a paper DBS application form and consent to their finger-prints being taken (route 3b) or...

2.  The applicant applies for a UK provisional driving licence or a new passport so you can approve their ID via Route 1.


Route 3b (the paper route) can seriously delay the processing time of DBS applications.  Many of them take a number of months to process.  We do not recommend this option.  Other customers in this situation have asked the applicant to get a driving licence/passport instead as these documents can be obtained quickly in comparison to the Route 3 DBS processing time.

If you choose route 3b please contact us to request a paper DBS application form.


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