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Customer Testimonials and Recommendations

We are proud to be recommended by:

We are also pleased to be able to publish some Customer Testimonials we have received below:

(in date order: most recent first)


"Outstanding Customer Service, thank you"  Children's Nursery, March 2024.

"Mayflower provide an excellent and quick service"  Dental Practice, March 2024.

"We've never had DBS applications from anywhere else returned as quickly as the ones we submit through Mayflower.  They provide an excellent service!" , Care Agency, February 2024.


"Fast service, and helpful staff!" Dental Clinic, December 2023.

"Mayflower provides an excellent service, we highly recommend them" School, October 2023.

"The introduction of Digital ID checks has been a game-changer.  Mayflower's Digital ID checks are asy to use and quick, making recruitment of staff so much easier." Healthcare recruitment agency, August 2023.

"Thanks Mayflower, for all your support - you've been super helpful!" Medical Diagnostics Company, July 2023.

"Thank you for delivering such an important information to me. Thank you for your ongoing assistance as you ever did." Care Provider, April 2023.

"Mayflower privides a brilliant service, priofessional, friendly and fast.", Charity for Disabled, March 2023.

"Appreciate your help and fast service, thank you", Physiotherapy Practice, January 2023.

"Thanks for this Mayflower – very helpful and a great service!", University, January 2023.


"Thank you Mayflower – really appreciate your support with this."Medical practice, November 2022.

"Thank you for the speedy service." Recruitment Agency, October 2022. 

"Thank you team for all of your invaluable, expert, advice over the past couple of years, which has always been so fully and clearly explained. I have learned a lot!".  College, September 2022.

Thanks Mayflower, your service is very much appreciated and thanks for all your help".  Childrens Charity August 2022.

"Mayflower really helped me.  I am relatively new to this whole area, so I really appreciate their help and guidance with my DBS applications." Care Farm, August 2022.

The Team at Mayflower are so helpful and provide really detailed advice". University, July 2022.

Many thanks for such a speedy service" Care Home, July 2022.

"Mayflower, Many thanks for your advice and guidance. Much appreciated!" University, July 2022.

"Amazing service – thanks for the quick replies".  Security Company July 2022.

Many thanks for your advice and detailed explanation.  I found it very helpful!" College, May 2022.

"I feel so happy to finally be able to get on top of this. It was very straightforward thanks to your brilliantly clear instructions" Education Provider, April 2022. 

"Very helpful advice and guidance received, really useful.  Much appreciated!" Doctor's Surgery, March 2022.

"Thank you so much Abbey for your help" Healthcare Provider, February 2022.

Thank you for keeping me updated regaridng this DBS applicaitons.  That’s great news it has been completed so quickly, many thanks for the update!" School Contractor, Febuurary 2022.

Dear Abbey, Thank you for your support and the clarification". Training Provider, January 2022.

"Thanks so much for coming back to me so soon – always good to check!  I have recommended Mayflower to our associates.  I am really hoping they do use you, we have never had a negative experience using the service – thank you!". Employment Provider, January 2022.


"Thanks so much for the advice, it’s much appreciated.  I’ll progress with their application in the New Year.  Thanks again and have a lovely festive season!  Kindest regards and thanks for all your help over the last year." Children's Charity, December 2021.

"Firstly, thank you for a quick turn-around and secondly thank you for educating me on the 'ins and outs' of DBS checks.  I appreciate the time and effort you have made over both." Therapy Service, December 2021.

"Thank you for arranging quick and speedy DBS checks for us, much appreciated!" Museum, November 2021.

"Mayflower provide a fast and eefficient procedure for obtaing PVG checks.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them" Electrical Consultant, November 2021.

Mayflower staff are very helpful, and go the extra mile to ensure we get the correct type of check" Engineering Contractor, October 2021.

"For someone new to this process I must say Mayflower's emails and instructions are really helpful and easy to follow. So thank you!" Occupational Health Provider, August 2021.

"Mayflower provided a quick service and helpful advice" Healthcare Diagnostics June 2021.

"Perfect Service, thanks for your help!" Medical Diagnostics Company, April 2021.

"Brilliant news regarding my employee's certificate, many thanks for all your help with this." Care Home, April 2021.

"Many thanks for the speedy processing." Care Home, February 2021.

"May I wish you a happy new year Mayflower and thanks for all the support you give." Foster Care Agency, January 2021.


"Thank you for your help with obtaining PVG checks for my staff.  Your prompt help was much appreciated." Dental Practice, December 2020.

"Thank you for processing the DBS Applications so quickly for us". Children's Charity, December 2020.

Thank you for helping us to obtain the correct level for checks.  I am really impressed with your service". School, November 2020.

"Thank you so much for your help on this Mayflower, great service!".  Physiotherapy Provider, November 2020.

"Thanks so much for your advice". Community Association, November 2020.

"Thank you Mayflower, really helpful!".  Specialist Support Service, October 2020.

"Thanks, sorry meant to send a thank you last week.  You are always so helpful and understanding." Mobility Aid Provider, October 2020.

"What wonderful service you offer!  Thank you so much for your understanding and updating our records".  Physiotherapy Practice, October 2020.

"Many thanks for your advice, that confirms what I thought.  It’s very reassuring to have your confirmation in such a clear way.  Thanks again"  Further Education College, September 2020.

"Great service you are offering" Vulnerable Adult's Charity, August 2020.

"Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for your assistance. It's a big help"  Psychotherapy Service, July 2020.

"Thank you for your efficient and personal DBS checking service" Training Company June 2020

"Your Employee Credit Check Service is very through and quick, thank you so much" Security Company June 2020.

"Thank you for all your work processing our covid volunteers!". Older People's Service, April 2020.

"I am very impressed with your fast turnaround times for COVID-19 DBS checks.  Great Service!" Healthcare Agency. April 2020.

"Mayflower's online DBS system is really easy to use, and quick." Care Recruitment Agency, March 2020.

"Many thanks for your help and great customer service." Dental Practice, March 2020.

"Thank you for your swift service." Engineering Company, February 2020.

"My DBS checks are issued within a couple of days.  Outstanding DBS service!" Recruitment Agency, January 2020.

"Mayflower provides a great service. Thank you for your support".  School Contractor, January 2020.


"The staff at Mayflower are always very knowledgeable and helpful.  Thanks for a great service and wishing you a Happy New Year!". Childrens Care Home, December 2019.

"Thanks for your help and support it's highly appreciated." Healthcare Recruitment Agency, November 2019.

"As ever, so very helpful and much appreciated." Secondary School, July 2019. 

"Thanks for taking care of my DBS checks so quickly" Recruitment Agency, July 2019.

"I recently had a DBS through your company which had a very quick turn around, thank you!"  Childcare Agency, June 2019.

"Thank you for your quick response. It is much appreciated.  Great service!" Counselling Service, May 2019.

"I would just like to say thank you for your guidance and quick turnaround, the DBS came through this morning." Care Home, April 2019.

"I am delighted to inform that I have already received the result for my requested DBS. This was within 24 hours.  Thank you so much and I appreciate your fast and good service. I am a happy customer, indeed." Care Home, April 2019.

"Please pass onto your colleagues how awesome your service is!! The speed and efficiency that you have dealt with this is amazing and I am very impressed - thank you."  Vulnerable Adults Charity, March 2019.

"I don’t know what you did, but it worked! Thank you."  GP Practice, February 2019.

"Thank you so much Team.  I have to say your service is excellent and since moving to Mayflower we have never looked back.  Thank you so much for processing our applications, we are very grateful for the fast turnaround time." School, February 2019.

"Thank you ever so much for your advice and was a great help!" Maintenance Contractor, January 2019.


"We received our Enhanced DBS checks within 1 week.  What a great service!"  Education Charity November 2018.

"Many thanks for your prompt reply and detailed information regarding the application process – all very clear and easy to follow. Thank you once again for your help and support with this project – which is really appreciated". Maintenance Contractor, September 2018.


"Thank you for your very friendly and efficient assistance! Best wishes" Older People Services, July 2018.

"Thank you so much Mayflower you have been a star in helping me obtain DBS checks for my staff". Dental Practice, July 2018.

"Excellent customer service throughout!" .  Travel Agency, June 2018.

"Mayflower provides a fantastic service! I can't recommend them enough!".  Nursing Home provider, May 2018.

"We are really impressed with your online Basic DBS service.  It is easy to use and the applications are being completed very quickly".  Recruitment agency, January 2018.


"Thank you for the Excellent service and very prompt turnaround".  School contractor, December 2017.

"Just to say thank you for such a speedy response. Excellent service!" NHS Surgery, December 2017.

"Thank you for getting everyone set up so quickly and thanks for getting my Credit Check on finalised too". Accountancy Firm, November 2017.

"We use Mayflower for online DBS Checks and Credit Checks.  Mayflower provides a personal and efficient service and we would have no hesitation in recommending them".  Healthcare Recruitment Agency, September 2017.

"Your online application system is so easy to use, thank you".  Education Institution August 2017.

"Thank you for an excellent service".  Recruitment Agency, May 2017.

"The staff at Mayflower Disclosure Services have always been very helpful and deal with queries in a professional manner."  Care Home, April 2017.

"Thank you so much for your speedy DBS service! I am so grateful, Anther thing ticked off my list....".  Dental practice, March 2017.

Mayflower provides a great DBS checking service".  Childcare Provider, March 2017.

"As always, a prompt and efficient service."  Supported Housing Provider, February 2017.


"Thank you so much for your great help towards sorting out our DBS registration. Your online DBS service is easy to use and your staff are helpful too" Dental Practice, November 2016.

"Thank you so much for your assistance - we really appreciate it". Volunteering Organisation, October 2016. 

"Thank you for your recent advice.  I really appreciate the help you have provided".  Housing Association, October 2016.

" I love Mayflower Disclosure Services because your DBS system is so simple".Sports Coaching Company, September 2016.

"Many thanks for your time and help, we really appreciate it and will happily recommend your service to others".  Primary Schools, September 2016.


"Thank you for your excellent service." Financial Services Company, August 2016.

"I just wanted to say that I've been really impressed with the efficiency of the service.  I know e-applications seem to be faster now than the older paper applications, but it all seems so much more efficient than all the times I've had mine done! The online system is really easy to use and to see what stage the applications are at.  You've also been really helpful via email to make sure we got the correct checks done" School Contractors, August 2016.

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using your service happily, which has been great so far!" Dental Practice, August 2016.

"I’m really pleased to see that the system is very easy to use!" Care Company, July 2016.

"Thanks very much for keeping us informed, we do appreciate it.  Keep up the good work!", Charity, July 2016.

"Hello, Great! Thanks for a great service !" Courier, April 2016.

Good Morning.  Thank you for your assistance it is very helpful."  Construction company, April 2016.

Thank you for your e-mail and the update on *****'s DBS application.  On behalf of our Company may I thank you for your continued efforts in obtaining the check".   Homelessness Charity, March 2016.

"Thank you very much.  I appreciate your help on this matter.  Have a lovely day." Healthcare Consultancy, March 2016.

"Thank you for your very quick DBS service, the returns have been incredibly quick." Cleaning Company, February 2016.

Thank you for your quick response, you are a star!" Care Home Company, January 2016.

Dear Mayflower, your Customer Service is fantastic!" Medical Charity, January 2016.


That's excellent customer service and I much appreciate you intervening on our behalf".  Transport Company, December 2015.


"Thank you very much: has anyone told you today that you are wonderful? I am telling you now". Vulnerable Adults Charity, November 2015.


"Thank you (Mayflower Disclosure Services).  You have been is really helpful".  College, October 2015.


"Dear Mayflower. Many thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.  And very prompt!". Training Company, September 2015.


"That's great, thank you.  Mayflower provides an excellent service, very helpful and are super quick too". Dental Practice September 2015.

"I would like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we are with the prompt and efficient service we receive from Mayflower".   Care Charity, April 2015.


"Thanks very much for your help with this - please pass on my positive feedback again! Mayflower is brilliant!" .  Education Charity, March 2015.



"I have been using your service during this year and please pass on how professional I have found the whole process".  Training Company, Feb 2015.



"As the business manager, I have found your online application system easy to use.  As soon as I check ID I can then approve the applications for processing.  Mayflower provides a great service".   School, January 2015.



"I would just like to say as a new user of your organisation I have been very impressed with the ease of use of the system, the swiftness of response and your helpfulness.  I have been recommending you to other people." Care Recruitment Agency; December 2014.


"We are writing to let you know that we are very impressed with your online DBS application service.  It is really simple and easy to use, and the DBS applications are processed very quickly." Care Home Provider; December 2014.


"Thank you for your assistance today.  Your advisers are friendly and it is so refreshing to speak to people that really know what they're talking about when it comes to DBS checks." HR Agency; November 2014.


"We have recently transferred from using a paper-based DBS system to your online DBS application system.  It is so much better.  Our only regret is that we didn't make this change sooner!"  Housing Association; October 2014.


"I just wish to thank you for your help in expediting this DBS disclosure yesterday.  It is very much appreciated".  College; July 2014.


"Thank you very much for a prompt service.  Kindest regards"  Dance School; June 2014.


"Thank you Mayflower Disclosure Services, I really appreciate your efforts on this.  I certainly feel like a valued customer.  Thank you again for a great service!" Tutor agency, May 2014.


"Dear Mayflower, thank you for help this afternoon...P.S. How quick are the results coming through? Wow!" Residential Care Home, April 2014.

"Just a quick line to express my huge thanks and appreciation for the incredibly quick and efficient service you provided in obtaining a DBS certificate for my volunteer.  From beginning to end it was just one week and after you advised me the certificate had been issued, it arrived the following day!  This wonderful service is so reassuring and top value. Thank you again." Charity organization, March 2014.


"The on-line DBS application is system is certainly much quicker and more efficient the the old paper-based system!" Advocacy charity, March 2014.


"Dear Mayflower, Many thanks for your help with obtaining DBS Checks.  The on-line DBS Application system is certainly much quicker and more efficient! Very best wishes".  Charity organization, January 2014.


"Thank you Ann for this, and have since received notification of completion of the DBS Check for this clinician.   Thank you for working your magic!   Best wishes".  Medical Company. December 2013.


"Hi Mayflower,we appreciate your companies swift and professional service, will recommend to others in due course.Regards" Accountancy Firm, October 2013.


"Dear DBS Direct, thank you as per usual you are most kind and helpful", Plumbing Company, September 2013.

"Hi Mayflower,  I would like to thank you for your quick response to the External ID validation check I sent you earlier today. We are very happy with your response to this today, and will be using you for any checks we have in the future. I will also recommend you to our other branches".  Recruitment Agency, September 2013.


"Hi Mayflower, I see that our first applicant has already cleared the DBS process, very efficient".  Cleaning Agency, May 2013.


"Thanks Ann as per usual you've been a star, keep up the good work and many thanks" Healthcare Company, May 2013.


"Dear Mayflower, Many thanks, my first certificate has already arrived.  I'd like to say how impressed I have been with the super-efficient service. The entire application took 6 days" Physiotherapist, May 2013.

"Dear Mayflower, Thank you very much....also for the speedy service which is much appreciated." Education establishment, April 2013.

 Dear Mayflower Disclosure Services, I'd like to say how impressed I have been with the super- efficient service. Your on-line DBS application process is quick and easy to use" TV Production Company, April 2013.


"I am delighted to hear of the progress made with my DBS Applications.  Can I say that your prompt service has impressed me greatly?! I shall certainly recommend you to others in the education sector!" Agency for tutors, April 2013.


"Thank you for your great service" -- IT Consultancy, Mar 2013.


"I just wanted to say thank you for you prompt & extremely efficient handling of my on-line DBS applications. I received my first DBS Certificate yesterday, precisely 1 week after I submitted for processing to yourselves.  You kept me regularly updated at every step of the process and I would recommend your service to anyone." Physiotherapy Clinic, Feb 2013.

"This is the first time I have done on-line applications and I must say, it is a lot easier! It will save me so much time!" --HR Consultancy, Jan 2013.



"Thank you for the excellent service. Mayflower was recommended to me I will recommend you for any one known to me." -- Teaching Agency, London, Nov 2012.


"Thank you for the excellent & quick service.  Mayflower was recommended to me by a friend of mine and certainly I too will recommend you for anyone requiring a DBS/CRB Application service" -- Doctors Surgery, Wiltshire, Oct 2012.


"Just a note to say "thanks" for your prompt and professional service. Worth every penny." -- Education Consultancy, Sept 2012.

"Fantastic Service Mayflower, Thank you" -- Cleaning Contractor, Welwyn Garden City, Sept 2012.


"We were up and running in hours! The ease and speed of the on-line CRB Application system is so refreshing, and it is so useful to be able to submit applications as and when we need them" School, London, Aug 2012.


"I am so impressed with speed and ease of use of your online application system!" -- Recruitment Agency, London, Aug 2012.


"What a speedy and efficient service you provide, I will certainly recommend you, whenever such needs arise in the future" -- Social Work agency, Jul 2012.


I am hopeless at doing most things on-line but the on-line CRB process so far seem excellent and a great improvement" -- Childcare agency, Kent, March 2012.


"Thank you for taking the time to explain the CRB Disclosure process and providing step-by-step advice & guidance - I would recommend Mayflower Disclosure Services every time" -- IT Consultants, Weybridge, Jan 2012.


"Mayflower Disclosure Services made the whole CRB process simple and easy to understand" -- Nursery, Plymouth, Feb 2012.


"Mayflower's clear and open prices are refreshing and easy to understand" -- Transport, Devon, Dec 2011.

"Prompt, efficient, simple process" -- Care agency, Oxfordshire, Sept 2011.


"The online CRB system is so easy to use and ISA Adult First results come through quickly" -- Care Home, Lincoln, Sept 2011.

"Very prompt, quick service - excellent value for money" -- Swim School, Newcastle July 2011.

"How impressive for it to come through so fast. Many thanks for your prompt, professional service." -- Landscaping Company, Surrey, May 2011.


"Thank you Mayflower - just what I needed! " -- Miss E.B, Dorset, Dec 2010

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