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Basic Disclosure / Basic CRB / Basic Police Check

A Basic Disclosure is available to ANYONE throughout the UK, for ANY purpose; for example:
  • A role where it is in the interest of a customer/employer to obtain a criminal record history; e.g: working in a position of trust, or working in premises unsupervised.
  • Alcohol / personal licence
  • Visa Applications
  • Aviation Security sector

A Basic Disclosure is the lowest level of criminal record check available, and searches  the Police National Computer (PNC) for details of all current convictions (unspent convictions according to the rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974).

Anyone who lives or has lived in the UK can apply for a Basic Disclosure. 

If you need one Basic Disclosure Check for yourself:

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This website is dedicated towards helping providers obtain a single Basic Disclosure certificate, and you will be able to purchase a Basic Disclosure Application pack from here. 

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Are you an activity provider / recruiting organisation requiring a single / one  DBS (CRB) Check? 

No problem....we also provide DBS (CRB) Checks for for activity providers/recruiting organisations requiring a single / 1 x DBS Check.  For more information, please go to, to order a DBS (CRB) Application pack.   ---   ---

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