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Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS Checks FAQ's

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Miscellaneous DBS Questions:

X1.  I am an individual, can I get a DBS check?

Yes, click here for more information.

X2.  What is the DBS Update Service? 

The DBS Update Service is managed solely by the DBS and unfortunately, it cannot be integrated into our online DBS application system.

It is a separate, independent service offered by the DBS directly to applicants, where applicants can subscribe to the DBS Update Service for a fee once they have received their new DBS certificate.

For information or advice regarding the DBS Update Service, please refer to the DBS website ( or contact the DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) directly by:

- telephone: 03000 200 190 or,

- email: [email protected]

X3.  Applicant has moved house, what should we do? 

The details provided on a DBS application form cannot be amended once it has been submitted for processing.

The DBS will only dispatch DBS certificates to the current address provided on the DBS application form.  The DBS certificate will therefore be dispatched to this address when the DBS check is completed.

If an applicant moves house it is important that they arrange a re-direction service for mail from their old address to their new address by using the Royal Mail Re-Direction Service, to ensure they receive their certificate when it is posted to them.  Alternatively, they couldarrange to continue to have access to the post that is delivered to their old address.

X4.  Tracking shows Stage 3 has started again - why? 

Note this relates to the processing of Standard DBS or Enhanced DBS applications only.

If the DBS tracking originally showed that Stage 3 started on a particular date and it is now showing that it started on a different date; it means that the police raised a “conflict” with the DBS regarding the information provided on the DBS application form.

This usually occurs if the personal details provided on the DBS application form are slightly different to the personal details the police have on record; or if they are different to personal details provided on a previous DBS application form (for example missing names or different spelling of names; or missing/different address etc).

The police raise a “conflict” with the DBS because the DBS then need to run checks to ascertain if this applicant is the same person as the person on their records, or a different person.  Whilst the DBS carry out these checks, Stage 3 is stopped.  When the DBS  resolve this query, they return it to the police and they re-start their stage 3 search again.


X5. Can I arrange for an application to be withdrawn?

We can request that the DBS withdraw this application unprocessed, but you will still be charged the fee, as this is non-refundable.



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