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Anti-Money Laundering Checks (AML)

1.  What are Anti-Money Laundering Checks?

Our Anti-Money Laundering Checks are compliant with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations.  

Our AML check includes:

  • Full domestic and global PEP & Sanctions checking and a
  • Credit Check, consisting of:
    • CCJs and Bankruptcies, IVAs and Scottish equivalents
    • UK ID and address verification
    • Mortality and Departure searches

Note: Our AML check is for anyone of any nationality living in the UK

It does not affect your candidate’s credit score.  

The result will be issued to you by email as an AML & Credit Check report (in PDF format) within 24 hours* of a request being received by us (*excluding weekends or public holidays).

To use our online AML Service, you need to have an account with us.  

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2.  What searches are included in the AML check?

Our AML report will include:

  • The original request information you supplied, e.g. name, address etc.
  • An Outcome:
    • The outcome will be either “Clear” or “Alert”.
  • A Score:
    • Based on the number of matches and mismatches of data, the system calculates a score for the individual.
    • A score of 20 or more will generally result in a “Clear” outcome.
    • A score of 19 or less will result in an “Alert” outcome.
    • The higher the score, the better the financial status of the individual. See:
    • The following optional items will add points to the score: Passport, Driving licence, and NI number.
    • The following optional items will not add points but have intrinsic value: Mobile and Landline telephone numbers.
  • Address Verification.  Draws on:
    • The Electoral Roll (full and edited),
    • Financial data (credit files).
    • The LexisNexis database.
    • The telephone directory.
  • Identity Verification.  Draws on:
    • The electoral roll.
    • Financial data.
    • The Births Index, which now covers most UK-born individuals.
  • Financial Data Verification.  Draws on:
    • The number of active accounts/loans held by the individual which are linked to their current address or DOB.  
  • Sanctions/Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) check:
    • Uses the WorldCompliance PEP and Sanctions database.

    • Our PEP & Sanctions lists are updated daily and monitored in real time.  These include a check of:
      • HMT Sanctions List (His Majesty's Treasurer).
      • OFAC Sanctions List (Office of Foreign Assets Control).
      • UK & global PEP Sanctions Lists (Politically Exposed Person).
    • The PEP lists will include family members and known associates.

    • Our report will provide a list of possible matches, with a slight element of fuzziness. The source location of the matched name, and the associated role/position, are normally sufficient to determine the likelihood that the match is positive.

  • Insolvency/CCJ checks:

    • County Court Judgment (CCJ) Records or Scottish equivalent.

    • Bankruptcy/Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Records or Scottish equivalent.

    • Correction Orders / Disputes.

  • Mortality:  checks all mortality registers.
  • Telephone: - checks if the number is live *if provided.
  • National Insurance number - checks if the number is valid *if provided.
  • Passport - checks if valid *if provided.
  • UK Driving Licence - checks if valid *if provided.

Note:  A lack of match against address or identity verification can be compensated by matches elsewhere. For example, if someone is not yet on the electoral register, verification of their address may come from their Financial Data, such as mortgage data.

3.  Why Choose Mayflower Disclosure Services for your AML Checks?

Background checks are our core business.  We have over 20 years of experience in Criminal Record Checks and Employee Background Checks.

Quick Turnaround: 1 working day - We will provide you with a summary report providing clear and concise information.  

Our online Employee Credit Check service is Pay-As-You-Go with NO tie-in, NO set-up fee, NO annual fee, NO contract and NO minimum volume requirement. 

Fixed Price per check: Click here for ourPrices

To complement your Employee Credit Checks we can also provide you with Basic DBS checks, Standard DBS checks or Enhanced DBS checks to give you an overall view of your employee's background, enabling you to assess a candidate's suitability for a role.

4.  What's the Process? How Do I request an AML Check?

We have teamed up with the credit reference agencies, Experian and Equifax; to provide you with AML Checks.

To use our AML Check Service you need to have an account with us.  Click here to Create an Account with us.  It is free and under no obligation.

Once your account is set-up we will email you instructions on how you can request AML Checks.

A summary of the AML order process is as follows:

Step 1: Obtain Candidate Consent: 

Obtain Candidate Consent by asking your candidate to complete the AML Check Candidate Consent form (we provide you with this). 


Step 2: Complete and Submit an online AML Check Request form:

Enter the applicant’s details onto our secure online AML Order Form and submit this to us.  

  • Note:
    • New Customers:  We will provide you with access to the AML Check Order Form when you create an account with us
    • Existing Customers:  Please contact us to request access to the AML Check Order Form

You will need to provide the following information on the AML Credit Check Order Form:

  • Title
  • Full Current Name (including any middle names)
  • Date of Birth
  • Current address

You can also provide the following optional information:

  • Telephone number (mobile and/or landline)
  • National Insurance Number
  • Passport information
  • Driving Licence Number (UK photocard only)

On receipt of your completed online AML Check Order Form, we will carry out the AML Check.  The AML result will be issued to you by email as an AML & Credit Check Report (in PDF format), within 24 hours* of a request being received by us (*excluding weekends or public holidays).

Our Credit Check does not affect your candidate’s credit score.  It cannot be seen by Lenders and so it won't affect a Lender's decision.

5.  The Law

The information provided on the AML and Credit Check electronic summary report is personal data and is strictly regulated by Law.  

You need to ensure you comply with the Data Protection Act.

In brief:

  • You must obtain candidate consent, in writing using the Consent Form we provide.
  • You should never allow anyone outside your organisation to have access to the information we provide.
  • You should never search anyone without a valid reason (and without their consent).
  • You should never disclose any login details we provide to you to anyone else.
  • An AML and Employee Credit Check should only be obtained if it is relevant to a candidate’s job or work role.

All companies affected by the Money Laundering Regulations are required to have a comprehensive Money Laundering policy and must ensure all relevant staff are trained in every aspect of that policy.

Please refer to the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds Regulations 2017 for full details of the requirements placed on your business and the consequences of failing to comply with them. 

Please be aware of the following:

  • You must not disclose the Sanctions & PEP result of the check to your candidate. The legislation mandates this to avoid the situation of “tipping off” a person who may be in breach of the law.
  • You should treat the result of the Sanctions & PEP as private and confidential.
  • Report any concerns to your MLRO immediately.

NOTE:  The Credit Check leaves only a “soft footprint” on the customer’s record which means it will have no impact on their credit worthiness when assessed by, for example, a lender. Whilst our service does access information held concerning the accounts which the individual holds with financial institutions, this is merely to help validate the candidate’s name, age and residence address. This Credit Check will not affect credit rating.


We are proud to be recommended by many of our customers.  Check out our Customer Feedback here.

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