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Basic Disclosure Scotlandchecks

1.  What is a Basic Disclosure Scotlandcheck?

A Basic Disclosure Scotland check is a UK criminal record check and can be obtained for a person living/working in Scotland or for somebody who has previously lived/worked in Scotland.  It can be obtained for any reason (with their permission).  

They are available for any role and is not restricted by the law or by industry sector.  

A Basic Disclosure check searches if the applicant has any Unspent Convictions.

2.  What information does a Basic Disclosure Scotlandcheck provide?

A Basic Disclosure Scotland check is processed by a government agency called Disclosure Scotland and provides a report of any Unspent Convictions a person might have.

To be more precise it searches the Scottish Criminal History System, (CHS), the English & Welsh Police National Computer, (PNC) and the Northern Ireland Criminal Records Viewer, (CRV) to determine whether an individual who applies for a basic disclosure Scotlandhas any unspent convictions. It should be noted that for people living in Scotland seeking a basic disclosure, it is not just Scottish unspent convictions that are relevant but also unspent convictions that may have been received in England & Wales and Northern Ireland.

Disclosure Scotland is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government, which has delegated authority to offer a Basic Disclosure Service. By accessing the Police National Computer and the Police Criminal History System, Disclosure Scotland is able to provide confirmation of any unspent criminal convictions an applicant may have.


ThePolice National Computer (PNC) is a national database of information available to all police forces and law enforcement agencies throughout:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
  • the Isle of Man
  • the Channel Islands, and
  • the British Transport Police. 


A Basic Disclosure check allows businesses to assess the suitability and potential risk of placing a candidate in a role.

A Basic Disclosure check can also be obtained by the individual themselves and can be obtained for personal use by the applicant.  An individual can obtain a Basic Disclosure check on themselves through our sister website:

3.  What can a Basic Disclosure Scotlandcheck be used for?

A Basic Disclosure is available to someone who lives or works in Scotland or who has previously lived or worked in Scotland, for ANY purpose.  

Common uses for a Basic Disclosure check are:

  • A role where it is in the interest of a customer/employer to obtain a criminal record history on someone; e.g: working in a position of trust, or working in premises unsupervised, cash-handling.
  • To obtain an Alcohol / personal licence
  • For Visa Applications
  • For clearance in the Aviation Security sector

A Basic Disclosure check is the lowest level of criminal record check available, and searches  the Police National Computer (PNC) for details of all current convictions (unspent convictions according to the rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974).

4.  What is the Basic Disclosure Scotlandapplication process?

We provide a secure online Basic Disclosure Scotland application system.  It is fully approved and it is compliant with ISO27001.  

It is completely paperless.  ID is verified online.

A brief summary of the our current online Basic Disclosure Scotland application process is as follows: 

1.  The applicant (staff member) enters their details onto the online application system via a secure online Basic Disclosure Scotland form; they can do this from anywhere with internet access.

2.  Someone within your organisation (a nominated ID checker) will then need to check their ID and select from a drop-down list what ID you have seen – you can have as many ID Checkers as you need

3.  The online form is then submitted to us electronically for processing.

4.  No copies of ID or paper forms are needed. The average time-frame to complete a Basic Disclosure Scotland check using our On-line service is 2 weeks (as long as there are no queries). Indeed, many are completed sooner than this.

5.  On completion, we email you to let you know and then send you a hard-copy Basic Disclosure Scotland certificate is dispatched to you for your own records

To access our online Basic Disclosure Scotlandapplication system, you need to Create an Account with us.  This is free and under no obligation.

5.  Basic Disclosure ScotlandProcessing times

On average it takes 13 - 16 working days (Monday - Friday not including bank or public holidays) to process a Basic Disclosure Scotland application from the receipt of a correctly filled online Basic Disclosure Scotland application form. As a guide, 95% of applications are completed in 12 calendar days.  

Our sole business is the processing of criminal records checks.  We will do everything we can to ensure your Basic Disclosure Scotlandis processed as quickly as possible (see our customer testimonials).

Note: Incorrectly filled/inaccurate applications, or queries will cause delays and may result in the rejection of your application.  In such cases of rejection, or late cancellation, administration charges may be applicable.

6.  How to Obtain a Basic Disclosure Scotlandcheck

You will be re-directed to our sister website ( which provides an online Basic service for people who require 1 x check.

You will be re-directed to our "Create Account" page so you can create an account with us and start within 1 working day.  Note: creating an account is free and under no obligation.


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